Board of Directors

Toccata Board President Seth Broche

Seth Broche, President



Toccata Board Member Rebecca Broche

Rebecca Broche Secretary/Treasurer







Toccata Board Member Nancy Rawie

Nancy Rawie Director of Development


NANCY RAWIE, alto, is an educational therapist by profession, teaching reading, math, and writing skills to children who have learning disabilities, attention deficit, or are functioning below grade level, but music has been her lifetime hobby. She sang with Coro Sinfónico de Puerto Rico and the Chamber Singers since 1992 and was the alto section leader. She created and directed the Llorens Torres Children's Choir project from 1997 to 2002 and was the manager of the Puerto Rico Chamber Orchestra. Nancy is the co-founder of TOCCATA, and acts as assistant director of development, coordinator for donor relations and the TOCCATA volunteer program.    Mountain biking is her choice  for filling leisure time.